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  • mnmlWP 0.3.7 – Menu Animation Styles

    Hello internet! After adding the latest fixes and some additional customizer options earlier today it occurred to me that it might also be nice to have different animation styles for the main navigation. And voilà: you can now choose between a “slide in/out” and a “fade in/out” animation. The setting will affect both the animation of the desktop and mobile… read more

  • mnmlWP 0.3.6 – Main Navigation and Customizer

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post 1-2 sentences on the latest theme update. I added a fix for the sticky main navigation for the Safari browser family (there were some missing vendor prefixes in the main CSS file) and two customizer options that allow you to set the length of the post/page excerpts and show/hide the “read more” link.… read more

  • WordPress 5 – Gutenberg Editor

    mnmlWP is now ready for WordPress 5 and the Gutenberg editor. There are still some bugs that I experienced, e.g. the blank page error when trying to manage reusable blocks (documented on GitHub). But otherwise this site is already running on WordPress 5 and it seems to be working just fine. After all the fuzz and lots of bad reviews for the new editor… read more

  • mnmlWP 0.2.11

    The 0.2.11 update adds three new settings for the hero post/page template. They enable you to define the height of the hero section in percent and/or pixels for desktop, tablet, and mobile screen resolutions. The update also fixes a few translation and CSS issues. Download mnmlWP on

  • mnmlWP Featured on

    The mnmlWP theme got reviewed on and is currenty ranked a fantastic third place out of 165 WordPress themes! The theme received an overall score of 8.6 out of 10 which is even more awesome considering the fact that mnmlWP is still in an early stage of development. The score is calculated as the average between six different topics… read more

  • Simple Contact Form 0.1.8

    The most recent update of the mnmlWP Simple Contact Form plugin introduces a new shortcode parameter. It allows you to send the form to as many recipients as you like. The “mailto” parameter takes a single or comma separated list of email addresses. The email addresses will be validated once you include them in the shortcode. If the mailto parameter… read more

  • mnmlWP 0.2.10

    The most recent update fixes some minor issues in the widgets “Colored Categories” and “Recent Posts”. I have also added a donation button in the sidebar of this website in case you would like support me developing this theme with a cup of coffee once in a while. Last not least, I am looking forward to include the following new… read more

  • mnmlWP 0.2.9

    Version 0.2.9 of mnmlWP has just been uploaded to the WordPress catalog. The most recent changes include custom post type support for post thumbnails (featured images) and some minor fixes in the source code that made the site crash in PHP 5.3 server environments. Please drop me a mail if you still experience issues with mnmlWP and PHP 5.3 or featured images… read more

  • mnmlWP 0.2.6

    mnmlWP 0.2.6 is now online. Fixes include the theme header, minor CSS updates, and new demo content for the “Default” and “WordPress” layouts. Don’t forget to download the child theme and shortcodes plugin if you want to use all of the theme’s features.

  • Shortcodes Plugin 0.1.6 + Child Theme 0.3

    I just uploaded a new version of the mnmlWP shortcode plugin and the child theme. The updates fix some issues with the wpautop function (a WordPress core function that automatically inserts line breaks and paragraphs). Please update the shortcode plugin and the child theme to the latest version.

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