• Shortcodes 0.1.9

    After the latest update of the mnmlWP Shortcodes plugin it turned out that the “fix” messes with some of the WP installations I am currently maintaining. So I decided to look for another solution that handles the theme’s wpautop() issues and came across the following solution: function mnmlwp_fix_shortcodes($content) { $array = array ( '<p>[' => '[', ']</p>' => ']', ']<br… read more

  • mnmlWP 0.4.0 + Shortcodes 0.1.8

    Version 0.4.0. of the mnmlWP theme is available. Several minor layout and CSS issues have been fixed. Together with the theme the mnmlWP Shortcodes plugin received an update as well. The most important change is the removal of the rather ugly code parts that dealt with the crappy wpautop() functionalities that add additional paragraphs and line breaks more or less… read more

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