• mnmlWP 0.3.7 – Menu Animation Styles

    Hello internet! After adding the latest fixes and some additional customizer options earlier today it occurred to me that it might also be nice to have different animation styles for the main navigation. And voilà: you can now choose between a “slide in/out” and a “fade in/out” animation. The setting will affect both the animation of the desktop and mobile… read more

  • mnmlWP 0.3.6 – Main Navigation and Customizer

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post 1-2 sentences on the latest theme update. I added a fix for the sticky main navigation for the Safari browser family (there were some missing vendor prefixes in the main CSS file) and two customizer options that allow you to set the length of the post/page excerpts and show/hide the “read more” link.… read more

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