Message Boxes

Message box type default with hyperlink
Message box type info with hyperlink
Message box type success with hyperlink
Message warning with hyperlink
Message box type alert with hyperlink
Message box type no-icon
Message box custom/centered
[msg]Message box type default with <a href="#">hyperlink</a>[/msg]
[msg type="info"]Message box type info with <a href="#">hyperlink</a>[/msg]
[msg type="success"]Message box type success with <a href="#">hyperlink</a>[/msg]
[msg type="warning"]Message warning with <a href="#">hyperlink</a>[/msg]
[msg type="error"]Message box type alert with <a href="#">hyperlink</a>[/msg]
[msg type="info no-icon"]Message box type no-icon[/msg]
[msg style="background: #efc8f0; color: #5f3360" type="no-icon center"]<span class="fa fa-bullhorn"></span> Message box custom/centered[/msg]

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