Image Gallery (Lightbox)

Galleries can be inserted with the [gallery] shortcode. Columns and gallery names can be assigned by the respective parameters.

[gallery ids="2142,2143" columns="2" spacing="4" gallery="2 Columns"]
[gallery ids="2142,2143,2144" columns="3" spacing="3" gallery="3 Columns"]
[gallery ids="2142,2143,2144,2145" columns="4" spacing="2" gallery="4 Columns"]
[gallery ids="2142,2143,2144,2145,2146,2147" columns="4" spacing="2" gallery="4 Columns"]
[gallery ids="2142,2143,2144,2145,2146,2147,2142,2143" columns="5" spacing="2" gallery="5 Columns"]

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